First Friday Art Trail (April 2013)

On the first Friday of April, 2013 I went on the First Friday Art Trail. The Art Trail is a monthly art event that happens in downtown Lubbock. It includes a series of galleries, food and live music. As a project for my West Texas Photography class, I visited and photographed artists and their work at the galleries. This was a fun experience to see the visual creations by local artists in the Lubbock area. I was able to visit with some artists about their work and also absorb artistic culture.

My first stop was at Mcpherson Cellars. They had two musicians playing in the corner as well as a collection of various paintings and photographs throughout the room. I was really impressed with the variety of visual art they had at their gallery.

IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8767

My next stop was at The Legacy. At this gallery the artists were accompanying their work.


One of the painters I met was Linda Kinney. She does fine paintings through the medium of oils on canvas using a brush and pallet knife. Her art was very beautiful. It looked like something I would hang in my house.


Another artist I met was Matt Burgett. He did drawings and photographs. His work was very close to heart and some was related to his family.

IMG_8786                     IMG_8787

A painter named Jo Beth Gilliam had an interesting “show.” Besides having her work displayed, she was also live painting. She had a mirror reflecting what she was painting to the audience. People were sitting down to watch her work while having free punch and crackers. I thought this was a cool idea.


Besides paintings, drawings and photographs, the art trail also consists of other kinds of art. One example is jewelry! I came across a jewelry maker named Anna Henry. She had a lovely collection of handmade jewelry she put together herself.


As photographer myself, I was impressed by the work of another photographer named Tif Holmes. She also had her work featured at The Legacy. Many of her photographs were artistic or at interesting locations.


Among other cute things at The Legacy, I photographed a little girl dancing to the live music. That night happened to be her birthday.


Among other places I visited was Urban Tech. This gallery featured a lot of beautiful architectural work as well as photography.

IMG_8855IMG_8851 IMG_8848 IMG_8859

The next place I visited was the Underwood Center for the Arts. This gallery was filled with beautiful paintings. Some paintings included mixed media such as film strips. It also included art that was filled with rich colors and brought a form of intrigue.

IMG_8886 IMG_8884 IMG_8882 IMG_8880 IMG_8878 IMG_8866 IMG_8865 IMG_8863 IMG_8861 IMG_8860

Among other places I went to was Tornado Alley and the Cactus Theatre.

IMG_8895   IMG_8893  IMG_8917 IMG_8901IMG_8919

I saw many beautiful art pieces throughout the First Friday Art Trail. I think this event is a great opportunity to view the fantastic visual work from local artists. Not only do you get to embrace art, but you also get to embrace culture. This experience was a memorable event that I definitely want to re-live again in other First Friday Art Trails.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” -Thomas Merton

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