Judith Avila

I had the wonderful opportunity to take senior portraits of my beautiful friend, Judith Avila. Judith was one of my first friends at Texas Tech. She became close to me through church and being in Sigma Phi Lambda together. Throughout my time in college I have rarely had girls actively pursue my company. Judith was one of the first girls who pursued to have lunch with me, get to know me, and hold me spiritually accountable.

From playing guitar together, dinner nights, movie nights and random social outings; Judith has constantly strived to invite and include me in her activities. This was something that was great to have being a freshman in college with very little friends. This is something that was needed. Her actions to reach out to me also meant a lot because I was a social outcast growing up, and being friends with Judith opened my doors to being connected to Christian communities: First Baptist Church and Sigma Phi Lambda. Even though our busy schedules leave us apart a lot now, she is definitely a dear friend of mine and shaped my college life in great ways.

Judith is receiving her bachelor of science in exercise and sports science with a minor in psychology. She plans to receive her teaching certification to teach elementary age children. Judith is from Eagle Pass, Texas and was involved in Sigma Phi Lambda and HOSA during her time at Texas Tech. Judith loves running, reading and playing with her dog, Oaklee.

Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favorite Food: Anything Italian

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