Becoming Brave: Living Life Creatively


If you look at the tagline of my website, you will notice it says “be brave enough to live life creatively.”

I wish I came up with that quote, but I didn’t. I found it on Google as I was searching for a tagline that fit me. It sounded empowering to me, so I stole it. 😉 However, I never really grasped what it meant.

I started this blog up initially as part of a West Texas photojournalism class at Texas Tech. That is solely what I used it for in the beginning. However, I eventually started uploading the occasional photo session, since I deemed it appropriate to have a website associated with my freelance photography/videography business.

As far as other content…personal content…there really hasn’t been much.

Throughout college, I always wanted to work on personal projects, but with balancing the gazillion student organizations I was in, classes, my job, my freelance business, church involvement and leading youth, I just didn’t have the time to work on personal projects. But on top of that, I was afraid to. Afraid of what people might think. Afraid of nobody caring. Afraid of being criticized.

Well, that’s not being very brave, is it? If I’m afraid of producing my own content for the sake of what others might think, that’s not being brave enough to live life creatively. It’s shutting myself in a box of inept fear.

After my internship in L.A concluded last summer, I was inspired, motivated and determined to start creating my own content in some form or fashion. Content beyond my photography/videography services. After working at INSTANT I really wanted to start vlogging because I love videography and I love showcasing my personality. However, I had no idea what I would make videos about; and with starting a full-time job on top of my freelance business, I had no idea when I would have time to make videos.

I’ve come to the conclusion that possibly the most flexible, realistic content creation I can do right now is writing. It’s something I can do in my own time and at my own pace. I’m not near as strong of a writer as other people, but should that stop me from even trying? It shouldn’t.

This personal blog is not for the sake of views or praise, but for the sake of creating something for myself. For the sake of documenting my own life.

I love telling other people’s stories. It’s time for me to be brave enough to tell my own. It’s time for me to be brave enough to live life creatively.

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