How I Met My Best Friend


Since being young and married is a unique part of my life, I thought I would share how my best friend became my husband!

Tanner Morgan and I first met on December 6, 2012, at the annual midnight breakfast that Texas Tech hosts every fall semester on the night before the first day of finals. I was already friends with his roommate, Toby, who I had befriended at church and in Complex Council. Having gone to the midnight breakfast by myself, I asked Toby if I could sit with him. Toby then introduced me to his roommate, Tanner. After indulging ourselves in pancakes and partaking in fun conversation, I soon became part of Tanner and Toby’s circle of friends.

After being friends for a few months, Tanner and I started taking interest in each other in February of 2013. We would sing, play guitar, watch movies, and hang out with our friends together. It was over the course of these “hang-outs” that we started developing feelings for one another.

One night I was texting one of my friends that I had a crush on Tanner. Having Tanner in mind, I accidentally sent him the text that was supposed to go to my friend. #TrueStory. I was mortified. I texted Tanner back immediately and said I would just go marinate in shame. 😀 That kind of sped up the process because now the cat was out the bag.

Tanner then made a point to schedule an official date with me later that week. He took me out to eat at Blue Sky and took me dancing at Wild West afterward. We never had a conversation about the awkward, accidental text that night.

Later on that Saturday on February 23, 2013, we met up at a dining hall on campus and discussed the possibility of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. We laid out boundaries for ourselves and made the important decision to have a Christ-centered relationship with the intentions of getting married. If at any point we felt that we were not husband and wife material, we would break it off. Tanner and I officially became boyfriend and girlfriend that day.

Over the years with ups and downs, laughs and tears, lessons learned, acceptance, sacrifice, and spiritual accountability, I fell deeply in love with Tanner and Tanner fell in love with me. After much prayer, the Lord told me to marry to Tanner. I knew that God had a wonderful plan in store for both of us.

We got married on July 24, 2015. I am so blessed that God gave me a man who fears the Lord and loves me wholeheartedly. It’s been an amazing ride and I wouldn’t trade this decision at all. Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all, and it’s written by God’s fingers.


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