Shannan Saju

12 Days of Graduates: #6
“I truly can’t grasp a better way in which to live my life than a life dedicated to the service of others, the idea of going alongside individuals and meeting them where they are, being a beacon of hope to them makes my heart leap for joy. I aspire to have positive impact on the lives of patients, as nurses before have had a lasting impact on me. I have seen and experienced firsthand what the exceptional care of a nurse can do for a person. My mother is a nurse, and I can attest that her loving hands and prayerful heart has brought me to where I am today. She never gave up on me, and encouraged me to wholeheartedly go after whatever my dreams consisted of. As a child I had many illnesses that felt debilitating at times but nurses in my life were instrumental for me as I finally began to take ownership of my health and refused to be told what I could and could not do. The famous saying goes, “there are many hats in which a nurse wears”, from being the bridge that links resources to those that need it most to being a patient’s last defense. Everyday as I walk through the hospital doors, I can’t help but feel this great sense of gratitude for all healthcare professionals alike, those that go above and beyond for their patients to make them feel comfortable, those that spend an extra 5 minutes getting to know the person behind the diagnosis; as my life story continues to be written, I am excited to see how I too can have a small role to play in the execution of that vision.” – Shannan Saju, nursing grad ’17


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